Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut was recently featured on Interfaith Voices, a leading public radio news program, to discuss La Nina Bonita, and give some insight into the deeper relevance of this feverishly contested faith tradition.

From the show’s description:

“Drug traffickers and police, maligned women and any who feel death may be imminent: those who venerate Santa Muerte, the folk saint of death, are an eclectic group of somewhere around 10 million people. Often dressed as a bride and carrying a scythe, the “bony lady” rivals the popularity of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the beloved icon of the Virgin Mary.”

You can listen to the entire program by clicking here.




2 thoughts on “El Culto de la Santa Muerte – Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut on Interfaith Voices

  1. She is THE patron saint of last resort….Those of us who have called in our hour of need KNOW the truth and keep the Faith.


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