1-LZL0C0OXHadArXhVBrbc6w“Main stream media reports which unfairly categorize Santa Muerte as nothing more than a ‘narco-saint’ and criminal spiritual tradition are a good reminder that the current media is not capable of hosting a real dialogue on this topic. While the majority of Santa Muerte’s devotees are not satanic cartel hitmen, the struggle to pull her tradition out of the hands of those who truly do use her to promote atrocities is something that every leader in Santa Muerte’s public devotional community struggles with daily(…)

Practitioner’s who have a scholarly bent need to be aware of the reality of the current culture of violence and how it is being refracted through spiritual traditions so that they can be a legitimate part of this discussion.”

Read more at –

BLOOD SACRIFICES: Violent Non-State Actors & Dark Magico-Religious Activities (Review)


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