Devoting Myself to Death on Day of the Dead: a Santa Muerte Devotee in Rural Oaxaca

Abby describes how she watched, initially a non-believer herself, as her family and the whole community came together to care for a statue of Santa Muerte during a hurricane and eventually built a large chapel that would come to house many statues where la Santa would be celebrated on Day of the Dead and Abby would come to realise she was devoted to death.

The Materiality of Mother Muerte in Michoacan

The Tangibility of Devotion to Saint Death Photo Essay by Professor R. Andrew Chesnut and Doctor Kate Kingsbury, All photos and text copyrighted. Do not use without permission of authors. Despite the Church's insistence that Santa Muerte is satanic and that her devotees are heretics most Mexican Santa Muerte devotees consider themselves Catholic. They see … Continue reading The Materiality of Mother Muerte in Michoacan