cropped-img_20130501_0025582.jpg“La muerte es justa y pareja para todos pues todos vamos a morir”

Sharing and understanding how the traditions that venerate Most Holy Death are encountered in each of our lives is the most important factor in exploring the depth of this faith. Whether it is the scholar called to question cultural assumptions by these transformative practices, the casual observer struck with surprise at the iconography, or a passionate devotee who lives daily with the reality of this devotion, each share in a unique story emerging in the wider culture.

If you would like to share your thoughts or experiences please contact us  through the message box further down the page on the left hand margin. We welcome anything that you would like to share regarding your personal experience with these powerful traditions.

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  1. Greetings:

    First off, I would like to express my appreciation for this site and for the continued research in my Beloved Lady, as well as the updates and the information from the various perspectives about who I affectionately refer to as “Mother”, because She is my Spiritual Mother. You will gradually find many comments and information from me on this site, as I progress through its pages (I just found the site so might take a little time). I have been working with Santisima Muerte for a length of time, and She has always been around me since I was a child. She has always watched over me and protected me from a variety of issues and has been a loving and caring protectress. I know that much of the news that has been spread about Her over the course of the last while has been focused propaganda on the negative associations with Her and on the criminal elements that have come to accept Her, and yes these are factors have helped in forming an opinion about Her, however, if we were to go over the jail systems I am quite aware that we would find many people of Catholic, Protestant, Christian persuasions who have done, what can be seen as evil acts, but we do not condemn those faiths because of there actions; as a matter of fact, the largest religious denomination in the prison system are those of Catholic faiths, second only to those of Protestant beliefs. Yet I do NOT here of the Catholic Church or the Protestant Churches being condemned because of the actions of their followers. It is my opinion that much of what has been produced about Santa Muerte devotion and its “evil” connections to the criminal element is nothing more then propaganda because of the fact that they believe Her devotion is competition. You hear more of the criminals who are devoted to Her and never about the upper-class, the law-abiding citizens and the working classes, who are honest, hardworking individuals, because it is news. The old adage comes into play here: “if it bleeds it leads”.
    The more that I follow the information, the more the reality of its propaganda is coming to clearer view and the fact that it is just that, propaganda. The Catholic faith is also under stress in the Spanish speaking portions of the world, with the invasion of the Pentacostals and their mission to convert, then they are from devotees of Santisima Muerte, because Pentacostals are out for conversion, where Santa Muerte will call Her own and choose who She wishes. She doesn’t always call or make Her presence known because She is seeking your devotion or allegiance; but to make you aware of Her presence, maybe because there is a lesson that you need to learn and nothing else has worked to get your attention. History has shown us that the Christian faith, from the political standpoint, hates competition and cannot sit by, while another religious or spiritual standpoint which brings peace and happiness to its followers, without their opinion being passed down in the form of condemnation. It is sad really! I am not stating this to attack the Catholic Faith, nor any other extension of the Christian Beliefs. I am just stating the reality and the facts, proven by census and can be proven throughout history. I am not calling for any actions against the Church because many of their devotees are in prison or have performed terrible things!

    What I AM saying is: “See the truth behind the veil!” Do not jump on the band wagon just because propaganda has invaded your mind and do not allow yourself to live in fear just because you don’t understand something!

    Peace and Blessings!
    Rev. Amortus


    By the powers of the earth, by the presence of fire, by the inspiration of air, by the virtues of water, I invoke and conjure Saint Death, By force of the Sacred Hearts and tears shed for love, for that target ______ he is, bringing his spirit to my _____ tying definitely mine. bathe his spirit in the essence of my love and love me in return the quad. _____ You never want to someone else and your body only me I belong _____. _____ You do not drink, do not eat, do not talk, do not listen, do not sing unless in my presence. apresen what my memories forever, by the powers of this Prayer. My Girl White, Holy Death tour and use their power and _____ away to any woman with whom he is now, and if you call it by name. want to tie the spirit and body of _____ because I love him and tied my love _____ _____ I want to remain dependent on my love, I want to see crazy about my _____ _____ wishing me like I was the last person on earth. want his heart caught me forever, in the name of the Queen Holy Death This feeling blossom within _____ prisoner leaving my 24 hours per day. Oh My Girl White Holy Death has to bring _____ to me, for I desire on it, and I want it fast. For your hidden powers, which begin _____ _____ love me from this exact moment and just think that my _____ like I was the only person in the world. _____ They come running to me, full of hope and desire, that _____ not have peace until you come and get me, and then me. Holy Death, I implore you to bring me to _____. _____ They love me a lot, come gentle and as I wish. I thank the Holy Death. Y promise me forever bear his name. Oh! Powerful my white girl, Holy Death, I return to my beloved _____ saddens me with contempt, that _____ forget and stop once and for all, all other loves and who love us away. _____ It is discouraged and Cold with others, That _____ be discouraged and be cool with all the other women, than any other woman this _____ get stressed with her, fight with her and immediately leave her life and take her anger, hatred, aversion and anger of her and not retract anything. _____ And take anger, hate, disgust and anger of any other woman who walks with them now and urgently end the relationship. _____ You feel alone, humiliated and embarrassed. That _____ _____ come to me, ask for my love and forgiveness. Oh! Linda Powerful Santa Muerte, which at this time does not want more _____ walk with anyone or with friends. Let me take just thinking and thinking about how you are going to do to make me happy. need my white girl a signal, a phone call, every contact I know if my _____ thinks and loves me, and I take away from this darkness . _____ They talk to me, you feel that he misses me. You are strong and powerful, bring _____ to my feet, for no more go out and come running, to leave everything and everyone and just think about my _____ Linda Powerful white girl, Holy Death with his big strong power remove all barriers that are preventing _____ madly love me and want to join my _____ I want my beloved, loving and always admiring. That does not feel any more sexual desires another person. sure your wishes are only for my _____ his thoughts, kindness and goodness are just for me. _____ That much truth I want _____ I stayed with him and marry me. But also, I want you, Linda Powerful Santa Muerte, _____ away from any and every other woman. And we can be happy he and I together forever. ____ You just feel sexual attraction and desire for me. ____ That call me on the phone, and every moment from now. That feel nostalgia for me, and suffering away from me and not hold more _____ suffer. _____ I want and now I look today. I want to hear the voice, asking me to stay with me and back to my _____ forever, saying he loves me and loves me just me. asking short term marriage. Thanks for the favor granted. promise my white girl, holy death (Offer whatever you want, a revelation, or what deses offer) Copy and paste a request like this here in 7 different altars and within 7 days your order will be performed. Strong Prayer Someone to tie. Sympathy infallible but you can not go back


    1. I know a guy that did the ritual thinking he could control a demon . But he ended up trying to kill himself so yeah watch what you pray to Jesus is the way . Holy death = ( death )
      God bless you all
      We are made to worship HIM he is our creator.


  3. I came upon Madrina by what ; for me as a highly skeptical and science oriented person, was purely by random chance. .. I have explored numerous mystical paths throughout my life, and each time I found similar results, empty psycho/drama that in no way fulfilled the goals at hand. ..

    The death goddess archetype has had resonance with me since my teens ( in my 40s now) , beginning with Hel in the Norse pantheon, and much more so Lilith. . I would identify myself as an atheist only due to the disillusionment of my prior attempts to find that “path” I was searching for. .. while on a trip to Juarez Mexico for what became an Ill-fated attempt at marriage with an Argentinian lady, I found myself blindly walking the gritty back alleys of Juarez towards the end of my time there. . I found a Catholic church that I was obsessed with because of its ornate beauty, but it was gated and locked each time I went. .. on a Thursday, a bit past noon, I rounded a corner and saw the church was open… yay!! Opportunity for good pictures! !

    Upon entering the church, I said a very generic prayer for my son that was stillborn as I do with nearly any catholic oriented place of worship, I have zero personal experience with the Catholic Church one on one… my prayers were not born of any remote belief that there is a connection between the living and the dead beyond the memory that resides in the living. .. there are no gods and there are no goddesses in my eyes, after kneeling before any I felt called to, I found emptiness…. as I sat upon the pew and randomly invoked Ella , Madrina, Lilith. . In that order, with no great intent, only passive humility in respect of the dead… it was not fire coming down from Heaven, nor did the damned wail up from Hell… but it was the most transformative moment I have ever encountered through any spiritual route , It was, for lack of a better word, transcendent… holding a steadfastly to my convictions that there is a scientific explanation for everything, my sense of ” reality ” as it were” was shaken to its core. . So , in spite of having stuck my nose into various aspects of western occultism , eastern philosophy, psychology, finally coming to atheistic/humanism. . Kindness for the sake of kindness, human decency, all the warm and fuzzy crap.. that warm and fuzzy is my core , balanced by something else. ..

    After that afternoon in Juarez, what was a simple scholarly curiosity crossed a line into an immersion in the veneration of the Holy Death. ..
    It was and still is a conflict for my psychology to accept the clear and present evidence of Her actions in the mundane world and in my own personal sphere … this shines a spotlight on my elementary understanding of her deeper Mystery. . Knowing how to drive a car is far different than knowing how to design and build a car. .

    I was given the nickname Chivo a number of years ago by a Mexican coworker as an insult, I quickly took it as my own, if you accept the totem animals concept, the American Black Vulture and the Goat would be mine. ..

    Neophyte that I am, I approach Madrina with profound humility with pleading for clarity of vision. .

    Chivo Loco


  4. I have been praying to her for a lot of things during this divorce process. The first day I was praying with my middle son playing on his tablet. I had this feeling of like total peace and quiet calm just come over me. It was the most amazing feeling. I used to believe in God and I never felt that at all. Now every time I pray to her I swear it looks like the smiles on the statues are wider then usual. It’s either that or she really loves the Kahlua spiked cup of coffee along with the shot lol.


  5. I became interested n the study of La Muerte last year. I set up and altar and regularly glorified it with white flowers and tequila.Since that time, a friend has come down with breast cancer and a family member developed a terminal illness. Not sure if invoking Her was the right thing to do…proceed with extreme caution…


  6. I came across la Santa Muerte through synchronicity. I had been contemplating Death in the German existential sense and also looking into my own Irish mythology, The Morrigan, and theorizing that this tripartite Goddess was the orginal Goddess and not just Danu (which She is part of The Morrigan). I followed this path and decided to offer libations and a candle to Santa Muerte, so I had to cycle to the store to get those things. On the way I rolled behind three people going to a local restaurant… one of them wore a black hoody with a golden skull on the back. This is in no way fashionable or common in West Ireland. It had been weeks since I saw this, so I took it as a sign and gleefully laughed my ass off on my way to the store and on my way home.


  7. I’m from West Ireland and I struggle to recall how la Santa Muerte entered my life, but She showed up for me as a long and intense period of reflecting on Death was coming to an end. I consider myself a “Pagan” and see the world primarily through the eyes of Heidegger and Kirkegaard. Although I’m Irish and She is Mexican, I became a devotee with the aim of slowly transforming that relationship into Ireland’s corresponding Goddess. I started a Facebook group for Her in Ireland and I spent a little cash and devoted some space to a shrine today. That’s my experience of Saint Death.


  8. Glad to read all the great experiences on here. I started working with her in Feb 2017. I was 100% faithful, dedicated, & loyal. I believed my favors would be granted because I always had faith & offerings, even with no favors being answered. I had faith especially that my ex was going to return because we have 16 years together & we still loved each other. I noticed things only getting worse after I started with her. I tried to ignore it & kept at it because LOVE conquers ALL…Well I was tricked lol I have been asking Jesus everyday to forgive me for having an idol & believing the idol was more powerful than my creator. I just can’t believe I had these statues, candles, & all these offerings. I feel so much better now, because when I started & things were only getting worse, so was I. I just had to SNAP OUT OF IT. I can totally see how people get caught up. I will never judge. Only God can:) That’s my almost 1 year experience of basically talking to myself & praying to an idol, having my situation only get worse and no other favors EVER being granted. Sorry I’m just being honest on my experience here. Good luck to everyone else in the santisima muerte circle; )


    1. Thank God you opened your eyes because people have forgotten that Death created by God right after Adam and Eve did not obey the simple rules that he had told them. Now I used to believe in her I was 100 % faith with her but unfortunately some leader that I knew was not and is not a great example for teaching a false cult and also la Santa muerte allowed many things to happen and it seemed that when You ask for a favor it like Asking Satan because he wants a favor and he is in command of that and that cult. You feel like a zombie when you believe in la Santa muerte and asks for favor for a favor .i know everything and every little trick and mind playing that la Santa muerte knows Now that I’m trying to pull my husband n other family members it’s always attacking. Does that seem okay because that what demons do . Wait I used to believe in what they said Santa muerte is peaceful and give you everything yeah right that is a false cult that’s offers fake love and fake everything else problem after problems that people really need to open there eyes!!!!GOD is the way and the light .. Now GOD never asks, never judges but he will make sure that you repent for your wrongs . And like it is said in the Bible never play or mess around with the Childrens of god . He sees it all I don’t believe in religion why because at the beginning of the Bible God never mentions anything about religion only doing good and believing in the goods he can offer us but we as humans didn’t and don’t obey !!!!


  9. Do not trust her… she took my unborn 8 week old baby with her.. I was very naive to everything I was manipulated.. everything got worse when I started with her I’m going through so much pain and hurt and I’m distraught but I asked God every day to forgive me for believing that she could help me more than he could and I’m just trying to win got back I know he’s here with me though

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    1. God is always listening he is always there for you and every child of his . trust me you ask for forgiveness he will always do so . We were ignorant to think she was going to help and we were mislead. Don’t worry leave your problems and your sorrows to God and his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that will remove all that pain away. In Jesus name Amen


  10. Wondering if someone can help with my expierience?
    15 yrs ago after 3rd suicide attempt was in a coma for 5 days on a ventilator with multiple organ failure,basically dead.I remember leaving life too far behind to return and was with santa muerta where others could not return,yet I could not stay.My memory is so clear I drew what I saw and have it tattooed on my back.
    I know a deal was made,it may seem wierd,but I believe when I die, again,I will become a reaper.
    In the 15 yrs since, nothing could explain what I expierienced.Am I mistaken?
    If so,I mean no offence to santa muerta belief,I am only seeking an explanation.
    Respectfully Ian Callison.
    I do not consider myself religious, but have faith in myself and truth.


  11. I broke a promise to her..
    She warned me but I still broke it and she showed me a lesson. I’m not blaming her for my mistakes, I know I did wrong.. I know it is 100% my fault.
    Anyone have good prayers or ideas on how to ask her for forgiveness?
    So far I lit 2 white candles, prayed and got her a dozen of white roses.


  12. I started working with her. An all has been good for me… I think with people who have had bad experiences. Are the ones she does not connect with. Cuz santa muerte is not for everyone. Specaily if u just want to use her for YOUR own benefit.. An also with working with any spirit you MUST always protect yourself. With whatever it may be. A prayer at night. A rosary of virgen mary etc. And u must cleanse her space an altar by buring sage. Incenses. An sage ur house. But overall santa muerte DOES NOT reject anyone but some just do not connect with her. All my experiences have been postive with her.


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