Death Has Shown Her Face: A Santa Muerte Seer Lifts the Veil

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Devoting Myself to Death on Day of the Dead: a Santa Muerte Devotee in Rural Oaxaca

Abby describes how she watched, initially a non-believer herself, as her family and the whole community came together to care for a statue of Santa Muerte during a hurricane and eventually built a large chapel that would come to house many statues where la Santa would be celebrated on Day of the Dead and Abby would come to realise she was devoted to death.

Death to Santa Muerte – Catholic Priests Incite Parishioners to Torch Effigy in Zacatecas Church

Up the hill at the diminutive Santa Muerte chapel what most caught my eye was the unusual depiction of the Skeleton Saint. Its fleshy, mummy-like face is very similar to two other of the oldest images of the Mexican saint of death, the effigy of Tepatepec, Hidalgo, which was created as a likeness of Saint Bernard Clarivaux, and Doña Sebastiana of New Mexico and Colorado.