Come to me, or else! Santa Muerte, the Love Sorceress, An Illustrated Lecture with Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut

The Love Sorceress.jpgOn Monday, May 30th, at 7pm join Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, New York where he will be exploring the Bony Lady’s fascinating role as Love Sorceress!

While Santa Muerte, the Mexican saint of death, usually appears as a fierce narco-saint in mass media, TV and film, her oldest and most popular role is that of love sorceress – mending, binding and even breaking hearts in Mexico and the United States.

The oldest known Santa Muerte prayer is one for women who believe their man is cheating on them:

Bring him to me humbly surrendered at my feet, and come now because I’m calling you and dominating you! You will not know peace until you return to my side. In the same way that I stick this needle the candle, I want thoughts of me to pierce your heart so that you forget about the woman you’re seeing and come back to me

Even today, when popular devotion has raised her up as a multifaceted and mutli-tasking miracle worker, the skeleton saint’s number one selling votive candle is the color crimson for petitions of love and passion. In this illustrated lecture, Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut will illuminate the history, development and importance of la Patrona del Amor and offer insights into Saint Death’s emergence as the fastest growing new religious movement in the Americas.

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If you are in the London area, Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut will be presenting at Treadwell’s Books on July 1st! For more information CLICK HERE.

(Image credit: C. Gordon Perry)

La Santisima es Justicia – Reckless Reporters Face the Truth

Fear and ResilienceAn anonymous comment on a post says simply –

La Santisima es justicia (The Most Holy is justice) 

This can be taken in a number of ways – seen through the lens of recent news stories about a Border Patrol raid on a trailer in Edinburg, Texas it speaks to how Santa Muerte’s iconography has become a sign post for testing the veracity and social effects of the media.

Here justice is the inevitable revelation of the truth behind the misinformation, fear mongering, and lassitude of most contemporary news outlets.

Andrew Chesnut and I predicted that the Border Patrol official report’s misidentification of Santa Muerte as a ‘Goddess of Death‘ and the subsequent repetition of this misinformation and continued misuse of the ‘narco-saint‘ and ‘narco-deity‘ tropes through various media outlets would lead to distrust and fear being spread throughout the community. True to our assessment, a news report from Amy Martinez at KVEO, an NBC affiliate in Brownsville, Texas, (which itself is just part of the cycle of fear) shows that this is beginning to take place as indicated by a resident quoted in the piece, who says:

“We haven’t lived here very long, but who would’ve thought something like this would happen. Especially dealing with that goddess of death. It’s scary and dangerous,”

It’s fitting that this report comes out today, on Friday the 13th, a day that is remembered for the 14th century execution of Jacques de Molay, commander of the Knights Templar, by French authorities on false charges of heresy and witchcraft.

Another news story appearing today shows how ‘justicia’ represents the inevitable judgement which falls on those who think that corruption in one area of their life can be isolated from the rest of it. U.S. Marshall Robert Almonte, who has been responsible for spreading misinformation about Santa Muerte in his presentations on ‘narco-spirituality’ to police forces through the Americas, resigned in shame on Thursday due to charges of misuse of agency resources and violation of official policies.

Almonte was faced with a previous public shaming related to his self-declared expertise when his court room testimony on Santa Muerte was labeled ‘psychobabble’ by a panel of federal appeals court judges:

“…a panel of federal appeals court judges in New Mexico ruled that Almonte did not qualify as an expert on Santa Muerte – despite his claims that he’d spent “hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours” studying the topic.

His suggestion that a Santa Muerte prayer alone could be evidence of a crime “approaches psychobabble,” the panel said in a July 2014 ruling throwing out two drug convictions.

In denouncing Almonte’s testimony as baseless, the appellate panel borrowed language from the Salem witch trials.

“Almonte’s testimony essentially painted the defendants in this case as heretics, holding beliefs ‘not recognized by the Catholic Church,’ ” the judges’ wrote in their ruling overturning the convictions of two defendants and ordering a new trial.

Almonte declined an interview request and did not respond to written questions.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Marshals Service said she would not comment on news reports saying Almonte was being investigated by the agency’s inspector general for failing to report payments he’d received for unauthorized training presentations.”

This is a very good lesson for anyone who would present themselves as a subject matter expert in an area that affects the lives of others. His bias in reporting on Santa Muerte, which has helped to demonize and raise paranoia about Saint Death throughout the justice department and mainstream media, was just one element of his willingness to violate his duty in other areas. Now the truth is out, and he is forced to face a dishonorable resignation and the repercussions of his loose relationship with the facts.

La Santa Muerte es justicia – and the balance that she holds in her hand is equal for every child, woman and man – when the time comes for judgement may we all be humble, honest and sincere lest we be weighed in the balance and found wanting and face her scythe as an instrument of punishment rather than a tool of harvest.

“The new king of Babylon, was livin’ it up.. Laughin’ and drinkin’…..from God’s Holy cup…… When out of nowhere, there appeared this hand, writin’ words on the wall that he could not understand….. His knees started knocking….. he turned pale and cold, and this is what the words foretold…

You’ve been weighed in the balance and found wanting – The handwriting’s on the wall. If you don’t understand, that you don’t mess with God, than you don’t know the truth at all.”


Stash House Goddess: Media Portrayals of Santa Muerte

10968377_705857439512416_7077266381285409263_n.jpgCertain media outlets, such as Breitbart continue the trend of inaccurate and fear mongering reporting on Santa Muerte (see: 37 Illegal Aliens Found in ‘Goddess of Death’ Shrine House).  As Dr. Andrew Chesnut points out in his Twitter post of this link, neither devotees nor scholars refer to Santa Muerte as a “goddess of death.”

This report also includes mention of the surreal San Benito Santa Muerte scare that was fostered by University of Texas at Brownsville  anthropologist, Dr. Antonio Zavaleta, referred to at the time as an “occult expert” who put his personal beliefs over any sense of scholarly objectivity and encouraged the local news media to provoke a  witchcraft panic over Santa Muerte statues that appeared in the town.

For a deeper look at the San Benito incident and an analysis of why it is so important for the media to get the story right when it comes to Santa Muerte see: Magic Works in Its Own Way – San Benito’s Santa Muerte statues in perspective

One of the things that Dr. Andrew Chesnut and I have observed again and again with media reports regarding Santa Muerte is that all too often journalists simply do not research or reflect on what they are writing. Or they simply recycle and reformat information in ways that do not reflect an accurate portrait of the situation without contacting the source. Devotion to Santa Muerte is now the fastest growing new religious movement in the Americas. In 2001 devotees numbered only in the thousands. Now, just 15 years later, we estimate some 10 to 12 million, mostly concentrated in Mexico, Central America and the U.S. The sheer magnitude of devotion to Saint Death demands that new outlets, especially on the U.S.- Mexican border, report on it with a sense of professional integrity.

Co-authored by David B. Metcalfe and Dr. Andrew Chesnut

3 Years with the Empress of the Americas

Gracias La Santa Muerte.jpgApril 29th, 2016 marked the 3 year anniversary of  It’s been a wild and wonderful journey encountering and engaging the enigmatic Nina Bonita from jail cells in Madison County, Georgia to private shrines in the Philippines – the Americas’ fastest growing new spirituality continues to spread around the world and we’ve been at the forefront of media and scholarship surrounding Saint Death’s emergence in the 21st century.  The Virgin of Guadalupe has been called the Queen of the Americas, but Santa Muerte is the undoubted Empress of the New World were violence, corruption and social inequality have made the skeleton saint a powerful patron of those left behind as our culture stumbles into an apocalypse of inept bureaucracies and outlandish oligarchic delusion.

Andrew Chesnut and I set up the website after our round table discussion, Viva La Muerte: The Mushrooming Cult of Saint Death, at the Morbid Anatomy Library with then scholar in residence, Salvador Olguín. The evening was especially poignant since it was the first time that Tracy Hurley Martin and Joanna Ebstein, Morbid Anatomy’s founder, collaborated together on an event – a relationship that continues to grow and has lead to the founding of one of New York City’s most popular cultural spaces, the Morbid Anatomy Museum. A night filled with intimate discussion, live mariachi music, traditional food and drinks – it was a sign of what was to come and it all occurred under the protective cloak of the Bony Lady.

Now, three years later, Morbid Anatomy has gone on to host immersive trips to Mexico City, where participants were warmly welcomed by la Madrina Enriqueta Vargas of Santa Muerte Internacional and given the rare opportunity to experience the reality of Santa Muerte beyond the macabre media bias of narco-saint and satanic seductress.*  Dr. Andrew Chesnut has continued his field research in Mexico, South America, London, and the Philippines and has been able to finally trace the origins and interconnections of a tradition that has eluded scholars for over a decade.  At the same time I have continued my analysis of Santa Muerte’s role in digital culture and surprising presence in the liminal corners of the United States, providing a better picture of how the skeleton saint has become a vivid example of the power of decentralized movements to spread and develop in contemporary culture.

More than anything our experience has been one of connection – connecting across cultural lines, language barriers and artificial social boundaries. We’ve developed close relationships with devotees and charismatic leaders in the cult around the world, and have been able to bring to the public a small taste of the brilliant complexity of Santa Muerte’s tradition.

Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, A Skeleton Saint was published by Oxford University Press in 2012, eleven years after Dona Queta created the street-side shrine in Tepito that brought Santa Muerte’s tradition directly into the public view. It was then, and remains today, the only book in English to accurately portray Saint Death’s roll as a multifaceted icon of devotion.

Chesnut’s research has continued to develop over the past four years, opening up new avenues of understanding. His groundbreaking investigation into the growth of charismatic Christianity in Brazil and the role of market forces in the spread of spiritual traditions have served to provide a valuable window for exploring Santa Muerte’s place in global culture. Although she has been labeled a Catholic folk saint, Santa Muerte’s popular tradition exists in the diverse marketplace of contemporary religion and she has successfully adopted and adapted elements of charismatic Evangelical practice, prosperity gospel tropes, New Age metaphysics, practical occultism, and digital kitsch along with influences from Afro-Carribean and Afro-Latin traditions. In the United States she’s been comfortably co-opted within the growing interest in alternative religion and neo-paganism, and is becoming a favorite for neo-traditionalists searching out exotic inspiration close to home.

Despite her ubiquitous presence, the question of ‘what can a gringo know about la Nina?’ remains a legitimate challenge to those who would divorce her from the complex environment of Latin America. Culture and language are intimate partners and no amount of translation can capture the power of Santa Muerte as she lives and breathes on her native soil. This is not to limit her to Mexico, she is the patron of the New World, anyone who approaches her with honesty can quickly enter into a powerful relationship with la Ser de Luz. However, those who approach with the assumption that they can adapt her to their own understanding will quickly find themselves in the midst of a reality that is unpalatable to the mediated illusion of peace that hides the fact that our world is undergoing a massive and unprecedented upheaval. Santa Muerte emerges from the streets, prisons and violent borderlands, she is not safe and she is not comfortable, she is death and death is change.

Personally these past 3 years have been a powerful lesson in the social realities that have allowed Saint Death to become such a pertinent part of our culture. For much of this time I’ve lived in rural Georgia with little to no income in a spiral of circumstances that have brought me face to face with the endemic poverty ravaging our world. Unlike many in this position I am a writer and cultural creative, and the situation has become a central part of my research in understanding and connecting with the lives of the majority of people on this planet who suffer in silence as corporations, cults and corrupt officials continue to plague all of us with their poisonous offerings.

I’ve seen first hand the cold cell of the unjustly accused – spending time in a rural county jail thanks to a paperwork error at the DMV which was compounded by not having access to the proper resources, such as web connectivity, a regular vehicle and a phone, which are necessary to move ahead in the current culture. It was here that I met a man who’d had a vision of la Santa Muerte during a methamphetamine overdose, and was able to share with my cell mates their experiences on the front lines of the drug war.

Beneath the harsh fluorescent glow of the cell’s lights Our Lady of the Shadows became very real for me and my heart opened to the hopelessness that so many face in a world in which those who are given the responsibility to help use their position instead as a means to their own unlawful gain, unquestioned obedience or perverse personal pleasure.

As I’ve written in other places, you have no idea what Santa Muerte means to her devotees until you’ve faced the prolonged desperation of poverty, the callous indifference of those who have internalized the bureaucratic system and the reality of being in a jail cell with no knowledge of how or when you’ll be released. It is here that the comfort of her silent eyes becomes a soft reminder than all are equal as the sands of the hourglass slip away – judge, jury, jailer and executioner will all, along with those jailed, face the cut of her scythe.

Devotion to Saint Death is a very personal undertaking and Dr. Chesnut and I are inexpressibly grateful to all of those who have opened their lives up to us as we continue our exploration into the growth and development of this complex and intriguing tradition. We’ve been humbled, challenged, provoked and enlivened by our research in ways that I doubt many other scholars have experienced, or can imagine experiencing, and we are  thankful for this opportunity to share with the global community an icon of faith which brings to light so many different facets of the contemporary world.

Viva la Santa Muerte! Nuestra Dama de la Justicia has stepped out from behind the veil, the Empress of the New World is here. May her scythe slice through all barriers – may her silent eyes guide us to see peace – and may the hourglass run long for those who seek a better world for all of us to live in.  Step lightly friends, Saint Death is sweet to her devotees, but those who would try her patience will quickly find that her beauty is as sharp as her blade.

D. Metcalfe
Carlton, Georgia
May 8, 2016

*If you are in the New York area on May 30th you have a chance to join Dr. Chesnut at Morbid Anatomy when he returns to present an illustrated lecture, Come to Me, or Else – Santa Muerte the Love Sorceress, which will detail one of her more popular and surprising roles as la Patrona del Amor (Click Here for tickets and more information.)

La Patrona de la Prosperidad – Santa Muerte, the Self-Help Guru

"Portrait of Norman Vincent Peale," ink on sketch paper..jpg

“Relax and Concentrate. Visualize Santa Muerte in your mind and visualize the problem each of you has. We call on Santa Muerte to resolve it.”

– instructions given during the Santa Muerte Mass held at Dona Queta’s shrine in Tepito

When I read the caption on North Carolina-based artist and educator Tim Botta’s illustration of popular inspirationalist Norman Vincent Peale(1) it hit me as a perfect compliment to the intense digital images produced by la Santa Muerte’s ardent devotees:

Prayerize! Picturize! Actualize!‘ 

Peale’s maxim for manifesting prosperous living hits at one of the most prevalent sentiments surrounding the sanctified grim repress. Irresponsibly pigeonholed in the  media as a premier narco-saint, the popular movement orbiting around Santa Muerte’s iconography actually paints her as a polar axis for positive thinking. Within the continuous stream of digital devotional images dedicated to her, La Santisima Muerte emerges for her devout as a powerful patroness of prosperity (prosperidad), abundance (abundancia), health (salud), peace (paz), good luck (buena suerte) and blessings (bendiciones). One could easily say that she’s becoming a self-help guru as she moves fully into the public sphere.

Take a quick look at a few of these devotional images and you’ll see that la Nina Blanca may end up being a better representative for ‘positive thinking’ than a number of the controversial figures who populate the contemporary self-help milieu:

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Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut has identified this, in part, as a development of the dynamic spiritual marketplace where Santa Muerte emerges as a counter point and alternative to the growing strength of Charismatic and Pentecostal movements around the globe. As la Patrona Milagrosa – the Miraculous Patroness – Saint Death provides devotees with a powerful advocate for their spiritual experiences and her cultural narrative has become one of a miracle worker that goes above and beyond to help those who are sincere in their prayers.

To enjoy more of Tim Botta’s illustrations visit him at:

(1) – Peale authored The Power of Positive Thinking, a major touchstone in the popularization of the positive thinking movement. As a pastor his philosophy also influenced the integration of positive thinking into evangelical circles.

Game Over: ‘Madrina’ Enriqueta Vargas Officiates the First Funeral at Santa Muerte Internacional

(VAYA AQUI  para el artículo en español)

Weddings and baptisms performed by Santa Muerte leaders are increasingly common in Mexico and the U.S.. For example, Enriqueta Vargas, head of the Templo Santa Muerte Internacional on the outskirts of Mexico City, now performs both rites on a weekly basis. It had always struck me as odd that there were Santa Muerte nuptials and christenings but no funerals. Given that this is a devotion to death, wouldn’t it be logical to offer funerary rites to devotees as well?

When I asked Santa Muerte ‘Godmother’ Enriqueta Vargas a year ago why she didn’t offer funeral services, she said she didn’t think devotees were ready for that. However, the preeminent leader of the fastest growing religious movement in the Americas changed her mind six months ago when a terminally ill devotee, Erick, asked her to conduct his funeral service. What follows is the account, narrated by Enriqueta Vargas, of the first-ever Santa Muerte funeral, held six months ago at the home of Erick’s mother in the small town of Tizayuca, Hidalgo:

The young man of around 31 years-old was named Erick, and it seems he died of cirrhosis of the liver. I met him when he was about 27. He’s the guy in my book who called me in the middle of a gunfight and I told him “May my saint and the Godfather (Comandante Pantera, Enriqueta’s slain son and auxiliary saint) make you invisible to the eyes of your enemies!”


As his last wish, Erick asked that I pray for him at his funeral. I felt lots of pain and sadness because he was so young and had a three-year old daughter and pregnant wife. I arrived at his mom’s house and looked at him in the coffin, his body was so still and he was so swollen that I barely recognized him. He had been dead for just a few hours so I was able to open his hands and place a small image of Santa Muerte in them. Afterward I recited the prayer and fulfilled his last wish, that of writing “Game Over” on his eyelids. Oh yeah, and after I had placed the Santa Muerte in his hands, they wouldn’t open up anymore. When I finished saying the prayer, his mouth seemed to crack a smile.


12801376_1705229916415844_2955240284064301541_n.jpgIn the name of God the Father of my Most Holy Death, amen. We beseech you mother to receive our petitions today and we ask that with all your good gifts you console the forgotten ones, brothers and sisters that are not here, those who are at war, those who work, the poor, the rich, the believers, the nonbelievers, the pious, the impious and above all, us your sons and daughters present here and in the hour of our encounter…Amen.

Our Father…Mother of mine, my Santa Muerte, I as the humblest of your children, ask you, beg you to allow me to come to you at the appointed hour without pain, without fear and with faith. We beseech you my lady, we beseech you.

Our Father…O Santa Muerte, mother in my adversity, mother in my despair, queen and lady in good and evil. O Santa Muerte, body and blood of your children, patience in inclemency and redemptress of the lord. Implacable, triumphant victor in love, the love that I profess for you, the love that today I give you.

12791095_1705224956416340_8531409964120236996_n.jpgOur Father…O my bountiful mother, owner of my soul, in your hand my victory rests and in your cloak my protection, and in your scythe my destiny and in your being all my love. Santa Muerte, White Girl, purity is your gift. Santa Muerte, Black Girl, your warmth is protection. Santa Muerte, Red Girl, your love is a blessing. Santa Muerte, Golden Girl, prosperity is what I receive today in abundance and I give back to you in abundance.

Our Father…O Santa Muerte, in silence I remain here awaiting the moment that brings me to you, surrendering myself to your arms, to the support of your love, in your divine lap and embraced by your gift in him, I will rest.

Santa Muerte, mother of all, pray to God for all of us, now and at the hour when we encounter you…AMEN. (Kneel) In the name of God, Father of my Mother, my Most Holy Death …Amén. You who reign for ever and ever, reign my lady in all your children and give us peace. To stay clean, to stay pure, mother, give us the light that enlightens throughout your house. And always keep us well …. here with you…. here for you …. (We stand and raise our hands to the sky)

Praise the Lord in Heaven, Praise my Mother with glory! Now beloved lady give glory…. to these your children. And calm the storms and adversities of our existence …. With your eternal clemency and your holy gift. I pray to you ….give me full grace in a better plane, to come before God and before you clean ….to come pure and create the incredible !!! to destroy the indestructible !!! to narrate the unspeakable !!! So my eternal Mother, my Santa 12802929_1705224233083079_3358442522368261484_n.jpgMuerte, I stand before you today. for you to clarify my mind, my body and my soul and call before my eyes your holy being.

“Santa Muerte” your children cry. (3 times) Most Holy Death you reign in my being and you pray for us to have one more day of life, for one more day of light, for tomorrow without darkness, for a night illuminated by a better world. (Kneel down brothers) Full grace to our most holy mother, full grace to our most holy being. (Shut all eyes, both hands to chest) Oh great lady !!! Today I bow my face in reverence to you and shine on earth as the sun shines. Add my voice to your voice, add my self to your self …. I put my life in your hands, and my death at the same time. My soul is with you in body, mind and heart. My mother, Santa Muerte, today I bow down and hold fast towards you to bring sanity, and settle myself today to bring my greatest to you, my mother. My being, my love, my life, my death, my everything. For a world in your favor, against the tireless struggle, the relentless war we must win, doubts, myths, fears, deepest fears, the most sensitive gaps. My eternal mother it is here that I grant you that voice, that voice and feeling that I share here today by a vote of silence, which is a vote for you. (Keep few minutes of silence) My eyes are closed because I’m watching you ….

Santa Muerte!!! Lady, pray for us, your devotees, now and at the hour when we encounter you …. AMEN. A healthy mind in a healthy body is  the natural and real deliverance for us from evil …. AMEN. Body and mind, mind and body, health of body, clarity of mind, prosperity for my home, abundance for my life! ’Eternity with my death !!! I pray, I and my whole body, to my divine mother and today I realize this prayer, the prayer of my being …. ‘OH MY MOTHER!!! My Saint Death, today we come, the humblest of your children …. to beg …. to implore …. to venerate your most holy being.

Most Holy Death descend upon us. Brothers!!! Open your eyes !!! Raise your face !!! Raise your hands to a living God …. who now lives and lies in this home …. through our mother, Most Holy Death,  mother in our adversity, mother in our distress…. queen and mistress in good and evil. It covers our body …. elevates our being …. glorifies… magnifies my mother ….



Game Over: “Madrina” Enriqueta Vargas Oficia el Primer Velorio Estilo Santa Muerte

Los bautismos y las bodas realizados por lideres del culto a la Santa Muerte son cada vez mas comun en Mexico y en los Estados Unidos. Por ejemplo, Enriqueta Vargas, lideresa del Templo Santa Muerte Internacional ya los oficia semanalmente en Tultitlan, en las afueras de la Ciudad de Mexico. Siempre me parecia curioso que se realizaban bodas y bautismos pero no velorios y funerales. Dado que se trata de un culto a la muerte, no seria natural de ofrecer ritos funerarios tambien a los devotos?

smerickCuando hace un año le pregunte’ a la “Madrina” Enriqueta Vargas porque no hacia velorios me dijo que no creia que los devotos y sus familiares estuvieran listos para eso. Sin embargo, la lideresa preeminente del culto religioso de mayor crecimiento en las Americas cambio’ de opinion hace seis meses cuando el devoto Erick le pidio que oficiara su velorio. Lo que sigue es el relato, narrado por Enriqueta Vargas, del primer velorio Santa Muertista, realizado hace seis meses en la casa de la madre del difunto en Tizayuca, Hidalgo.

El chico se llamaba Erick, tendría como 31 años, murió al parecer de cirrosis. A él lo conocí en el templo, siempre llevaba las flores más bellas para la Santa. Cuando lo conocí tal vez tenía unos 27 años, es el chico que en mi libro narro que me llamó  en medio de una balacera y sin le dije “Que mi santa y el Padrino te hagan invisible a los ojos de tus enemigos”!

El pidió como última voluntad que yo fuera a darle oración .Sabes con Erick sucedió lo siguiente: Sentí mucho dolor y tristeza porque estaba muy joven, su esposa quedó embarazada y su nena como de 3 años. Llegué lo miré en ese ataúd, su cuerpo inerte, estaba tan hinchado que apenas si podía reconocerlo, ya tenía varias horas de muerto sin embargo pude abrir sus manos y colocar una pequeña imagen de la Santa Muerte, después di la oración ya que él lo pidió y por último escribí GAME OVER en sus párpados. Por cierto que tan pronto coloqué la imagen de la Santa en sus manos, ya no pudieron abrirlas por nada. Y cuando terminé de dar esta oración sus labios parecieron sonreír.


En el nombre de DIOS PADRE de mi SANTISIMA MUERTE, amén. Te rogamos madre recibas nuestras súplicas en éste día y te pedimos con toda la eucaristía consueles a los desamparados, a los hermanos ausentes, a los que viven en guerra, a los que trabajan, a los pobres, a los ricos, a los creyentes, a los incrédulos, a los piadosos, a los incongruentes, y sobre todo a nosotros tus hijos presentes ahora y en la hora de nuestro encuentro…. AMEN

PADRE NUESTRO……. Madre mía mi SANTA MUERTE, yo, como el más humilde de tus hijos te pido, te ruego me permitas llegar ante ti en la hora y el momento indicado SIN DOLOR, SIN TEMOR Y CON FE te rogamos señora, te rogamos señora, te rogamos señora.

PADRE NUESTRO……….. ¡Oh SANTA MUERTE! madre en mi adversidad madre en mi desconsuelo reina y señora en el bien y el mal. ¡Oh SANTA MUERTE! cuerpo y sangre de tus hijos paciencia en las inclemencias y redentora del señor. Implacable vencedora triunfadora en el amor el amor que te profeso el amor que hoy te doy.

PADRE NUESTRO……… ¡Oh mi madre bondadosa! poseedora de mi alma en tu mano está mi triunfo y en tu manto protección en tu guadaña el destino y en tu ser todo el amor. SANTA MUERTE niña blanca la pureza es tu don. SANTA MUERTE niña negra tu calor es protección. SANTA MUERTE niña roja tu amor es bendición. SANTA MUERTE niña de oro prosperidad emotiva prosperidad es lo de hoy a caudales lo recibo y a caudales te lo doy.

PADRE NUESTRO……….. ¡Oh SANTISIMA MUERTE! en silencio sigo aquí en espera del momento que me ha de llevar a ti entregándome en tus brazos al amparo de tu amor en tu regazo divino y abrazado de tu don en él, descansaré yo.

¡Oh SANTISIMA MUERTE! reina, madre y universo claro, obscuro y realidad pongo en ti mi vida entera con entera dignidad ya que mi alma está contigo en cuerpo, mente y corazón. Y ha de llegar el hastío que culmine en nuestra entrega donde pase a ser etéreo y a formar parte de ti. Consagrando a ti mi muerte y lo que hasta hoy tengo aquí mi ser, mi amor, mi vida, mi muerte, mi todo. Madre nuestra que estás en la tierra bendita eres tu ven a nosotros señora hágase tu voluntad en nuestra vida como en la muerte danos hoy la protección de cada día y recibe nuestras plegarias aquí en la tierra como en el cielo en lo claro como en lo obscuro en lo bueno y en lo adverso no nos dejes decaer y danos tu protección.

SANTA MUERTE, madre de todos ruega a DIOS por todos nosotros ahora y en la hora de nuestro encuentro….AMEN. (se hincan) En el nombre sea de Dios Padre de mi Madre mi Santísima Muerte….Amén. Tu que reinas por los siglos de los siglos reina señora en todos tus hijos y danos la paz. Para mantenernos limpios para mantenernos puros danos madre la luz que alumbra en toda tu casa. Y consérvanos siempre así…. aquí contigo…. aquí por ti…. (nos ponemos de pie y levantamos nuestras manos hacia el cielo)

ALABADO SEA EL SEÑOR QUE ESTA EN EL CIELO ALABADA SEA MI MADRE QUE LO GLORIFICA…. Glorifica entonces señora querida…. a éstos tus hijos. Y calma las inclemencias y adversidades de éste mi ser…. Con tu clemencia eterna y tu santísimo don. Ruego yo…. Se digne en mi, una gracia plena en un mejor plano, para llegar ante DIOS y ante TI limpio…. puro y crear lo increíble!!! para destruir lo indestructible!!! para narrar lo inenarrable!!! Es así mi madre eterna mi Santísima Muerte que hoy me presento ante ti. para que clarifiques mi mente mi cuerpo y mi alma y llamar ante mis ojos a tu Santísimo ser.

“SANTA MUERTE” tus hijos te claman…. (3 veces) Santísima Muerte tu reinas en mi ser y te pedimos por un día mas de vida por un día mas de luz por un mañana sin obscuridad por una noche iluminada por un mundo mejor. (hínquense hermanos) Gracia plena a nuestra santísima madre en gracia plena a nuestro santísimo ser. (Cierren todos sus ojos, ambas manos al pecho) Oh gran señora!!! Hoy inclino mi rostro en reverencia hacia ti y resplandezco en la tierra como resplandece el sol. Uno mi voz a tu voz Uno mi ser a tu ser…. pongo mi vida en tus manos uno mi muerte a la vez. Ya que mi alma está contigo en cuerpo, mente y corazón. Madre mía mi Santa Muerte hoy declino mi postura y me afianzo hacia ti para lograr la cordura que hoy depositas en mí trayendo hacia ti mi madre lo mas grandioso de mi…. mi ser, mi amor, mi vida, mi muerte, mi todo. Por un mundo a favor tuyo por una lucha incansable por una guerra implacable por lo que debemos vencer, las dudas, los mitos, los miedos, los temores mas profundos, las carencias mas sensibles. Es aquí mi madre eterna que te otorgo esa voz esa voz y sentimiento que comparto hoy aquí por un voto de silencio que es un voto hacia ti. (guardamos unos minutos de silencio) Mis ojos están cerrados porque te estoy viendo a tí….

SANTA MUERTE!!! Ruega señora por nosotros tus devotos ahora y en la hora de nuestro encuentro…. AMEN. Mente sana en cuerpo sano sea así en lo natural y lo real libéranos de todo mal…. AMEN. Cuerpo a mente mente a cuerpo salud al cuerpo claridad a la mente prosperidad al hogar abundancia a mi vida ¡¡¡Eternidad a mi muerte!!! Ruego yo y mi cuerpo entero ante mi madre divina y realizo hoy la plegaria la plegaria de mi ser…. ¡¡¡MADRE MIA!!! Mi Santa Muerte hoy vengo como el mas humilde de tus hijos…. A rogarte…. a implorarte…. a venerar tu santísimo ser.

QUE NUESTRA SANTISIMA MUERTE DESCIENDA SOBRE NOSOTROS. Hermanos!!! abran sus ojos!!! alcen su rostro!!! levanten sus manos hacia un DIOS vivo…. que hoy habita y yace en ésta su casa…. a través de nuestra Santísima Muerte madre en nuestra adversidad madre en el desasosiego…. reina y señora en el bien y el mal. cubre nuestro cuerpo…. eleva nuestro ser…. glorifícanos…. maxificanos mi madre….

GLORIA A DIOS PADRE GLORIA A MI MADRE ¡¡¡MI SANTISIMA MUERTE!!! AMEN. Levántense todos hermanos vamos a darnos la mano en señal de amistad y hermandad. QUE DIOS PADRE Y MI MADRE MI SANTISIMA MUERTE LOS BENDIGA HOY, MAÑANA Y SIEMPRE.