Santa Muerte Nicho by Deepti Lamba

By guest contributor Deepti Lamba*

Santa Muerte came into my life when I needed to remove a curse. The thing with curses is till the time you don’t hear it from the horse’s mouth or someone betrays them and tells us, their nature is either revealed through divination or intuition. I wasn’t 100% sure, so without mentioning any names I asked Santa Muerte for protection and worked with her for over six intense months.

Things turned around and settled down steadily and I felt Mother’s protection over me and mine. La Flaca protects those who acknowledge her presence in their lives. Death walks with life. Death is the other side of the coin of life. Her protection is the granting of another day or protecting our hides or helping us live productive lives till she deems it fit to take us.

Mother’s scythe removes curses, the evil eye, and clears the way. It gives us the power to stand up straight and perhaps even forgive those who have done us wrong because we learn to be strong in our power. Mother has filled the gaping holes in my psyche with her quiet steady presence.

Some people believe that if you don’t give her regular offerings or money she will leave you. How can death leave you? Death is always there. Our world lives and dies every second in some form or the other.

My body is the altar. My mind is the offering. I remember Mother and thank her everyday. My love for other deities is there, but for her its a special kind of love. One day she will come for me and in her arms I will transition. It’s a done deal.

Deepti Lamba lives in Richmond, Virginia, where she works as an intuitive artist and a practicing occultist. Check out her artwork here and follow her on Twitter here. Check out another poignant post by Deepti here.

One thought on “The Scythe of Santa Muerte Crushing Curses

  1. My body is the alter,.My mind is the offering.. Heart felt and indubitably true…..For do we not move closer to La Senora de las Sombras with every second we live?


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