Santa Muerte inked in Skin: My Holy Death Tattoos

Santa Muerte tattoos are one of the most intimate forms of offering, they are Death in the flesh. For devotees, they are deeply spiritual. As Mariposa describes, among other things, they proffer protection from danger, and create a deeper psychic bond with Santa Muerte. Tattoos are for life, and Santa Muerte is in the skin of devoted until they are in their grave, united once and for all with Death herself.

“Pidan con todo su fe a la Santa Muerte”: Arely y el Aniversario de Agosto de la Santa Muerte, Queens, Nueva York, 2022

Los días 26 y 27 de agosto en Queens, Nueva York, Arely Vázquez, lidera trans y pionera de Santa Muerte Estados Unidos, realizará una gran fiesta en Nueva York en honor a la Santa Muerte. Todos los devotos y aquellos interesados en la Santa Muerte son bienvenidos.

Death Has Shown Her Face: A Santa Muerte Seer Lifts the Veil

*names and details are changed in this article, for the safety and privacy of those concerned, no faces are shown in any photo apart from Yelha's who gave me permission to share her photos and even kindly sent me some of herself* - dedicated to the brave and resilient people of Oaxaca All images, content … Continue reading Death Has Shown Her Face: A Santa Muerte Seer Lifts the Veil

Devoting Myself to Death on Day of the Dead: a Santa Muerte Devotee in Rural Oaxaca

Abby describes how she watched, initially a non-believer herself, as her family and the whole community came together to care for a statue of Santa Muerte during a hurricane and eventually built a large chapel that would come to house many statues where la Santa would be celebrated on Day of the Dead and Abby would come to realise she was devoted to death.