Sowing and Reaping with Santa Muerte

By guest contributor Lindsay K* All of life is built of death and sacrifice. The ground beneath our feet, water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe. All goes through a cycle of transformation, something is lost to become something new. It is always good to be thoughtful and mindful when we … Continue reading Sowing and Reaping with Santa Muerte

Death in Italy – Review of “La Santa Muerte” Exhibit in Bologna

By guest contributor Luciano Martucci* and translated from the original Italian by Dr. Andrew Chesnut The press in Bologna reported on an "exhibition dedicated to Santa Muerte, from 13 January to 7 February", "a cult that suddenly sprung up about five hundred years ago", stressing that devotees come from marginal and criminal sectors of the … Continue reading Death in Italy – Review of “La Santa Muerte” Exhibit in Bologna

Santa Muerte inked in Skin: My Holy Death Tattoos

Santa Muerte tattoos are one of the most intimate forms of offering, they are Death in the flesh. For devotees, they are deeply spiritual. As Mariposa describes, among other things, they proffer protection from danger, and create a deeper psychic bond with Santa Muerte. Tattoos are for life, and Santa Muerte is in the skin of devoted until they are in their grave, united once and for all with Death herself.

“Pidan con todo su fe a la Santa Muerte”: Arely y el Aniversario de Agosto de la Santa Muerte, Queens, Nueva York, 2022

Los días 26 y 27 de agosto en Queens, Nueva York, Arely Vázquez, lidera trans y pionera de Santa Muerte Estados Unidos, realizará una gran fiesta en Nueva York en honor a la Santa Muerte. Todos los devotos y aquellos interesados en la Santa Muerte son bienvenidos.