Enrique Hernandez Garcia has posted some spectacular pictures from the 6th anniversary celebration held at the Santa Muerte Temple in Tultitlan. The celebration included over 500 pilgrims, celebratory dancers , mariachis, abudent food, six couples married , ten children baptized and prayers for a prosperous, protected and healthy new year.

The Santa Muerte Temple in Tultitlan was founded by Madrina Enriqueta Vargas’ son Jonathan Legaria Vargas in 2007, and features the world’s largest devotional icon to Santa Muerte. Jonathan Vargas was killed in 2008, and has since become a central figure within the devotional tradition, known to some who invoke him as an intercessor as, The Son of Santa Muerte.

This picture gallery features some of the pictures Enrique Garcia shot during the anniversary celebrations:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note: This post and the pictures in the gallery were adapted from Enrique Hernandez Garcia’s Facebook album featuring images form the celebration.

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