Comandante Pantera

One of Santa Muerte’s most important roles is that of protectress. And in a Mexico plagued by so much crime and violence, the demand for supernatural protection is greater than ever. Every day hundreds of thousand of devotees invoke the Powerful Lady’s protective powers to shield them from the myriad dangers of the streets of Mexico. Devotee Jeronimo Santiago recounts his own recent experience of an armed robbery on a Mexico City bus:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Faith,

I’d like to share with you something that happened to me today. On my way to the doctor, four guys got on the bus and started robbing all the passengers at gunpoint. When one of the assailants came over to me, I thought about my White Girl and Godfather Jonathan Legaria Vargas “el Pantera” and said “may your will be done, and not my own.” At that moment one of the assailants came closer to me and stared at me with fear and fright and then backed away without robbing me.They continued robbing everyone else on the bus while they kept turning around to look at me, knowing for a fact that the Godfather Jonatkan Legaria Vargas and my Girl (Santa Muerte) were present at my side. Thank you, Godfather, for always being at my side.Today I came to the temple to give thanks for the protection granted to me by my Girl and Godfather Endoque. I was fortunate to be able to talk with Godmother Enriqueta Vargas, who I thank so much for her words and attention.

One thought on “Santa Muerte and Godfather Endoque Saved Me From Armed Robbers

  1. P.S.
    Note: the Pentecostal Boom in Brazil and other Central and South American countries is ominous. Of interest is also the Traveller/Gypsy growing Pentecostal movement. Gypsies, have a long association with Mary Magdalene. The question that must be asked, is why the sudden upsurge in the Pentecostal movement. 1] the bible links the end of time with the ‘Age of the Spirit’ (how many in this audience are ‘spiritual’?), the Holy Spirit, and the Vatican has associated with the Age of the Spirit with Joachim of Fiore and the end of time. In this scenario, it is the Vatican that will ‘rule the world’ under its hegemony. (God help us, for 2 thousand years, we have already experienced that manufactured prophecy. There are many today, who are again bleating for a restoration of the Roman Empire) Vatican comes from the word Vate, the Roman goddess of the dead. The Vatican has always subtlly adjusted its dogma to the prevailing winds, and it will in the future, incorporate Saint Death. Catholicism has, from its beginnings, been a cult of the dead. Intrestingly, Hildegard of Bingam said one of the signs at the end of time would be the Age of the Feminine; Templus Muliere. The Holy Spirit has long been associated with the feminine. (Sorry pagans, Christianity got there before you.)
    2] Another Christian prophecy is that ‘the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.’ In other words, the invading swarm of illegal migrants will inundate the West changing the population demographics, the white man will be supplanted. The creation of the League of Nations, and later, the U.N. were the first steps in this globalist move. It isn’t that prophecy is coming true – it is men, powerful and occult men, bringing prophecy into being.
    It should be noted, illegal immigration has not be forced into the ‘former’ Communist Russia and the communist orient. Sometimes, when hearing or reading the news, one must read between the lines. What isn’t being told.
    By the way, I am a Christian.


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