On Wednesday  a number of residents of the town of Buenos Aires, located about twenty miles north of the county seat of Cosoleacaque in the Mexican state of Veracruz, detained three suspected witches and handed them over to Veracruz State Police. It was the burning of Santa Muerte candles by the three suspects in the middle of the town soccer field that caught the attention of residents. The alleged witches are Nicolas Martinez Cruz of Oteapan, Moses Torres Jimenez and his mother, Bertha Jimenez, both from the town of San Pedro Martir. A mob of residents took the suspects to the police station, along with their Santa Muerte candles and others fluids with which they apparently performed their witchcraft.

The police chief stated that it was a few courageous men who had detained the alleged witches. Upon interrogation at the police station, the three said they had been paid 300 pesos to perform witchcraft against the police chief and his secretary.  They were also taken to a cemetery where they had apparently stored other items for spellcasting next to a grave.

Click here for the article in Spanish. Translated from the Spanish by Andrew Chesnut



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