Santa Muerte is at it again in the small Texas border-town of San Benito. Two nights ago drivers on a rural road came across a white Santa Muerte statue planted in the middle of the road, on top of the yellow dividing line. At least one passerby believed they heard noises being emitted from the statue, so they dutifully reported it to local police. Afraid the statute, which appears to be no taller than 2 feet, might contain an explosive device, the city sent out a bomb squad to investigate. Go to local news report here.

No IED, or any other explosive device was found at the scene, and in the process the nocturnal effigy was smashed to pieces. Once again the local media turned to a well known anthropologist in the region, Dr. Tony Zavaleta, who was very quick to opine that the statue had probably been placed in the middle of the road as part of a some sinister sorcery. Watch him here. In our next post David Metcalfe will analyze both this bizarre incident and the previous cemetery controversy in San Benito involving Dr. Zavaleta and me. Click here for the cemetery story.

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