The Love Sorceress.jpgOn Monday, May 30th, at 7pm join Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, New York where he will be exploring the Bony Lady’s fascinating role as Love Sorceress!

While Santa Muerte, the Mexican saint of death, usually appears as a fierce narco-saint in mass media, TV and film, her oldest and most popular role is that of love sorceress – mending, binding and even breaking hearts in Mexico and the United States.

The oldest known Santa Muerte prayer is one for women who believe their man is cheating on them:

Bring him to me humbly surrendered at my feet, and come now because I’m calling you and dominating you! You will not know peace until you return to my side. In the same way that I stick this needle the candle, I want thoughts of me to pierce your heart so that you forget about the woman you’re seeing and come back to me

Even today, when popular devotion has raised her up as a multifaceted and mutli-tasking miracle worker, the skeleton saint’s number one selling votive candle is the color crimson for petitions of love and passion. In this illustrated lecture, Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut will illuminate the history, development and importance of la Patrona del Amor and offer insights into Saint Death’s emergence as the fastest growing new religious movement in the Americas.

For more information  CLICK HERE.

If you are in the London area, Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut will be presenting at Treadwell’s Books on July 1st! For more information CLICK HERE.

(Image credit: C. Gordon Perry)

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