By Guest Contributor Joe Leal of Port Arthur, Texas

In 2011 was when I first got introduced to the Flaka. I was in prison. This is my first picture I had. No, I take that back. 2nd picture I had of her.

She’s been there for me through thick an thin since gotten me out of the baddest and worst situation I ever been in. The worst was recently in September of 2021. My sister was dealing with the covid19 and I knew she was going to die. I beg, pledge, I did all I could to take my sister’s place – everything.

Nothing but me turning into a crackhead, lost my family’s love and respect. I robbed and stole to just calm what was inside from coming out. From September to December I started going on the run from my parole, smoking dope to shooting meth.

December I was at my worsted once more and asked for help once more. We gotten pulled over due to my co-worker stickers being expired. Some thing going on my head. Suicide by cop, suicide by cop.

When try opening the door I thought it was the cop that slammed the door shut on me. No, it was her. I kept trying to open. She would not let me. By then I’m in for years. Cop open door, get me out.

3 weeks I sat in Hardin county jail. January 10, 2022 I was released and reinstated. Ever since then me and my White Lady (Santa Muerte) has gotten closer and closer.

And this picture is how I seen her. Thank you all for listening. Continue to be a devotee. She is there. She is willing. She is a blessing.

One thought on “Santa Muerte Saved Me from Suicide by Cop

  1. Second by second strive to do your sister and La Madrina proud.You will struggle, you may fall but you are NEVER alone


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