By Guest Contributor Joe Leal of Port Arthur, Texas

In 2011 was when I first got introduced to the Flaka. I was in prison. This is my first picture I had. No, I take that back. 2nd picture I had of her.

She’s been there for me through thick an thin since gotten me out of the baddest and worst situation I ever been in. The worst was recently in September of 2021. My sister was dealing with the covid19 and I knew she was going to die. I beg, pledge, I did all I could to take my sister’s place – everything.

Nothing but me turning into a crackhead, lost my family’s love and respect. I robbed and stole to just calm what was inside from coming out. From September to December I started going on the run from my parole, smoking dope to shooting meth.

December I was at my worsted once more and asked for help once more. We gotten pulled over due to my co-worker stickers being expired. Some thing going on my head. Suicide by cop, suicide by cop.

When try opening the door I thought it was the cop that slammed the door shut on me. No, it was her. I kept trying to open. She would not let me. By then I’m in for years. Cop open door, get me out.

3 weeks I sat in Hardin county jail. January 10, 2022 I was released and reinstated. Ever since then me and my White Lady (Santa Muerte) has gotten closer and closer.

And this picture is how I seen her. Thank you all for listening. Continue to be a devotee. She is there. She is willing. She is a blessing.

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