Dreams and visions are powerful portals through which many devotees report communicating with Santa Muerte. Though not a devotee themself, our guest contributor, who prefers to remain anonymous, had a recent vision in which Saint Death, along with the Virgin Mary, rushed to the aid of the dying. – Dr. Andrew Chesnut

I saw Holy Death in a vision a number of years ago in the heavily agricultural valley where I live. Traffic up and down the valley largely flows along one highway, and my house is about a block away from this highway.

One morning I was at home when I noticed the sirens and tread of emergency vehicles were just screaming north on the highway, with helicopters flying very low and fast overhead. I checked the news and learned there was a hostage situation about 4-5 miles north of our house, at a location just off of the highway. 

I am, for lack of better words, an empath and medium and started tuning in to what was happening just up the road. I’ve had previous experience of empathy with people who have died violently, but this incident was the worst experience of that kind I’ve ever had. I knew, psychically, right away that people had died*, and began to experience the emotions of those close to and in the situation. I soon lost control of my own emotional state. All I could do was try to help the dead cross over and ‘close the door’ so no one else went through.

This is easier said than done, so I was pleading with the Virgin Mary for help as I’ve found her to be effective in similar situations**. After a while, in vision I saw the Blessed Virgin and Holy Death as colossal figures striding up the middle of the valley northward, in the direction of the hostage situation.

At this sight my mind and emotions began to settle down. I was in a seriously altered and very distressed/incoherent state of consciousness for a couple of hours, and it took the rest of the day for me to return to a normal condition. Although I’ve meditated regularly for over three decades and have had many strange experiences, it’s very rare for me to actually see things in vision (mostly I’m clairsentient or experiencing physical sensations of touch/position).

Afterwards, out of gratitude, I looked up offerings to Santa Muerte online. The weird thing was the top results were water, apples and marigolds. At the time of this incident, I had a glass of water and two or three apples on my dresser (the closest thing I have to an altar).

I am not a devotee of Santa Muerte, but I would not hesitate to call upon her in the future if someone is in need.

* sadly my psychic intuition was correct. Though the standoff lasted until evening, the hostages had been murdered at the start of the incident, with their killer taking his own life very shortly afterwards.

** I’m not Catholic or even Christian and was raised without imposition of any religion

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