My journey starts at a very young age growing up in Guayaquil, Ecuador, I was raised with understanding and respect for folk traditions, like curanderismo and shamanism. It is believed that my great grandmother was a bruja, so ‘El Don” (the gift) has been in my family for some generations.

I have always had a deep connection with spirit world, primarily deceased loved ones and from a very young age I have experienced seeing spirits which lead me to have and feel a deep connection to  the afterlife.

Santa Muerte comes into my life later in my spiritual journey after moving to the United States. I made my way all the way to Kerrville, Texas, a small town outside of San Antonio  from Miami.

My spiritual practice took off here after deciding to honor my ancestors’ work. I began my journey into Brujería, Curanderísmo and Readings. Santa Muerte started to show up in my life once I started to honor my ancestors’ practices and work. I started visiting the botánicas in San Antonio and I would see her there all the time.

I admit that at the beginning I was afraid of her, not knowing anything about who she was, but for some reason I kept on being drawn back to where she was at the botánica. I stopped to look at all of her statues. La Niña Blanca really spoke to me that day, I left with what I like to say it was her energy that day.

I came home and asked my spirit guides to give me three signs that I needed to learn more about her, which has been my method for asking in the past and has worked for me many times before. The next several days I would open my social media and she suddenly started to appear all over my newsfeed. On a different day I dreamed of her, then I felt the need to go to the cemetery, ut b didn’t want to go alone. I do photography on the side and asked my long time model friend if she wanted to do a spooky session at the cemetery and she accepted my offer so to the cemetery we went on an early morning. We paid our respects to the spirits at the cemetery and brought them a small ofrenda.

After leaving the cemetery I said to myself: “Death has been speaking to me all these years, I’ve been connected to death this long without realizing it. Santa Muerte is death herself, she is my guide in the spirit world, that is why she is here in my mind and why I feel her, she is reaching out”.

A few days later I ordered my first statue from Amazon and started to learn everything I could about her online. I had no mentor, I was on my own, but the learning process was intriguing, her energy is definitely like no other saint/spirit I have worked with. I felt she was put in my life to further develop my gifts and my bruja practice.

Two years later and her altar at my home has grown, my spiritual practice and business have grown, she has been an absolute wonderful guide in my life. And like others have stated in the past that God, Jesus and other saints never came through for them like she has, I too feel the same and agree with that statement.

She has brought so much needed financial stability in my life, healing and peace. The Bony Lady has not disappointed and I am thankful she came into my life. She has my respects and eternal devotion.

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One thought on “My Ecuadorian Ancestors Put Me on the Path to Santa Muerte

  1. “Death has been speaking to me all these years, I’ve been connected to death this long without realizing it.” AMEN. How many of us have awoke to the very same conclusion…Sincere thanks for your testimony and blessings on your life’s journey with Death.


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