20160820_212203Co-directors Thiago Zananto and Adriana Barbosa have released the trailer for their forthcoming film, “La Flaca,” which features NYC Santa Muerte pioneer, Arely Vazquez. Filmed on location in Queens, “La Flaca” (or Skinny Lady, one of the skeleton saint’s main monikers) focuses on the 9th anniversary fiesta of Arely’s devotion to Saint Death. Top Mexican devotional leader, Enriqueta Vargas, the head of Santa Muerte Internacional on the outskirts of Mexico City, also features prominently in this riveting hybrid of fiction and reality.

As the person who introduced Arely and Enriqueta to each other a few years ago, I serve as research consultant to the directors. “La Flaca” will be screened at international film festivals in 2017.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer.

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