As an adjunct professor of anthropology Dr. Kate Kingsbury is not eligible for most research funding that is available to permanent and tenured professors so she has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds from individual contributors. Many readers of Skeleton Saint are already familiar with her incisive work that focuses on the Powerful Lady (one of Santa Muerte’s myriad monikers) as an agent of female empowerment, especially for impoverished Mexican women devotees.

As the author of “Devoted to Death,” the first and only academic book in English on Santa Muerte, I am well positioned to state that the scholar best equipped to publish the second book on what now is the fastest growing new religious movement in the West is Dr. Kingsbury. Please consider contributing to her pioneering research at the link below

One thought on “Emerging Scholar Seeks Funding Support for Cutting-Edge Research on Santa Muerte as Agent of Female Empowerment

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